Best brokers vs. No deposit brokers

On our web site you can find a list of binary options no deposit bonus brokers and then also a section dedicated to the best binary options brokers. A lot of you are asking what is the difference between these brokers, so let us explain it.

First let’s start with the recommended brokers. These are brokers with the best reputation among binary options traders. In this list we place only brokers that are regulated and reliable. Should we notice complaints about any broker, we would remove it from this list. So we recommend only brokers that are proven and that you can safely trade binary options with.

Then we have no deposit bonus brokers. We have to admit that the area of no deposit bonuses is a bit specific, because free bonuses are often offered by new brokers in the industry. Unfortunately some of them are not reliable and we had to remove quite a few of them from our list.

So when starting with a no deposit bonus, you should be a bit more cautious than with a recommended broker. But as you are not risking your own money, you can safely test any broker offering no deposit bonuses and see if you consider him reliable before you eventually deposit money.

In our opinion binary options no deposit bonuses are a good way to start trading and to learn everything you need. But when you get really serious with trading, you will probably end up by switching to big and proven broker.