Free charting software for trading binary options

If you are serious about trading, even if you start with a binary options no deposit bonus, you should get a charting software to be able to make a proper technical analysis of the price. If you are trading news, of course you will probably not need it.

Binary options trading platforms offer just some basic charts, that can be enough in some cases, but more often you will do better with a proper charting software. But where to get it? In fact, it is very simple. On of the best tools is Metatrader. You can get it free from many brokers, but we recommend AvaTrade, because they offer a wide range of different markets.

With the Metatrader platform from AvaTrade you can display Forex, indices, stocks and commodities charts. For free. Just register for a free demo and you will get unlimited access to all these markets in real time.

Working with Metatrader is really easy, here you can see the manual. This free charting software allows you to open multiple charts, use different indicators and time frames and prepare your binary options trades.

Free charting software

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