No deposit bonus on Forex

While we focus on binary options trading, we also trade Forex and receive questions about a Forex no deposit bonus. The good news is that you really can trade Forex with a free bonus too.

Here we have a page dedicated to Forex no deposit bonuses, so you can check it and open a Forex account with free money.

The advantages are the same as with binary options, you trade with real money risk free. You are not required to deposit in order to trade. This way you can try Forex and make real profits without risking your own capital.

It will allow you to see the differences between demo and real trading. Spot Forex trading is better if you want to trade longer time frames, such as 1 hour, 4 hour or daily charts. If you prefer shorter time frames on the Forex market, it might be better for you to trade binary options.

Either way you can start with a no deposit bonus. If we compare binary options and Forex no deposit bonuses, the main difference is their size. Binary options brokers offer bigger bonuses, up to $100. A Forex no deposit bonus is generally lower, around $25.

But on the other hand you can trade Forex with mini and micro lots, so you can risk only cents per trade as opposed to binary options, where the minimum trade is $5. So if we do the math, you can make as many trades with a no deposit bonus on Forex as with binary options.

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