TradePerDay review – Don’t lose your money!

TradePerDay review results
TradePerDay review results – click to enlarge

Today we will have a look at one of the many trading systems that offer guaranteed profits, which is called The owners of this website will give you daily trading signals on binary options. They are even willing to guarantee some results saying that they will refund you a guaranteed trade, if it is a loser, up to $100.

Before writing this review we followed this system for over a month to see how it performs. Let’s put it straight, the results are bad. If you follow TradePerDay daily, you will lose money.

We traded 30 trades in a row with TradePerDay and had only 43 % of winners, 53 % were losers and one trade was nullified because the entry conditions were not met. We invested $100 dollars in each trade (demo money fortunately) and the overall result of these 30 trades was a huge loss of $690! See the table for details.

The conclusion of this TradePerDay review is simple, this system is a loser that will make you lose money. When you trade stocks on binary options, you often have a return ratio of only 70 % on each trade, which means that you need to have at least 59 % of winning trades to be in profit.

But TradePerDay has a winning ratio of only 43 %, which is even less than 50 % that you should get in the long term if you make your decisions without any system.

Why is that? The only explanation we can think about is that needs you to lose. Because they are affiliated with all the brokers they require you to open accounts with. And brokers do share their revenue, which is made of traders‘ losses. That means that TradePerDay will make more money if you lose.

They can offer a refund of your first trade, because they will get a lot more money from the broker thanks to you, if you open an account through their affiliate link.

We will continue to follow TradePerDay in order to see how it performs in the long term, but we do not expect a big difference in results, because as we explained, your losses make their profits.

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