What to do if you have problems with your broker

Binary options broker doesn't payIn the binary options industry there unfortunately still is a lot of brokers that try to take money away from their clients. That is why it is important to choose a reliable and proven binary options broker.

If your broker does things like price manipulation, it is always better to withdraw money and go somewhere else. But what if your binary options broker doesn’t pay, what if he refuses to proceed your withdrawal?

Then you should certainly not give up, there are several things you can do to get your money back. If you want to withdraw only your deposit that you made with a credit card, you can ask your bank for a chargeback. If you used a payment processor, like Skrill, you can complain to him.

But if you have also some profits to withdraw, you will have to apply some pressure on your broker. First try to resolve the matter with him. If it doesn’t work, you can threaten that you will go to big discussion forum like Forex Peace Army or FXEmpire and post about your case and warn others against trading with your broker.

If your broker still refuses to give you your money, you can then threaten to complain to the regulator, provided that your binary options broker is regulated. It is recommended to use only regulated brokers, in most cases they are regulated by the CySec.

If everything fails, the last step would be a criminal complaint. You can contact police in your country and fill a criminal complaint about a foreign company. But let’s emphasize at this place that you have to be sure that you are right. Sometimes people don’t read trading conditions and are claiming thing that they are not entitled to, like immediate withdrawal of bonuses.

So before you undertake any of these steps, be sure that you are right and that you have proofs. For this purpose save reports, make screenshots and have everything you need to prove that you were scammed.